About us
ICSH (The steel construction enterprise in Hunedoara) is a joint stock, privately owned commercial company, successfully activating on the Romanian construction market since 1950. After 1989 the number of building projects, the deliveries and contracts for assembly have increased on the foreign market as well.

The company’s entire activity is mainly focused on fully meeting the customer’s needs, taking into consideration the best price/performance ratio as well as continuously adapting to the latest technologies in the field.

ICSH S.A. Hunedoara offers complete and efficient solutions in the following areas:
  • Civil, industrial, commercial and urban engineering;
  • Welded steel construction – manufacturing and assembly;
  • Assembly and commissioning of industrial equipments;
  • Gravel plant products.

Contact us
DJ 687, Hunedoara, 331111, Hunedoara County, Romania
+40 354 881.332
+40 354 881.293