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Date: 04.11.2014
The Prospectiuni employees saved the life of a road accident victim

>> 2014.11.04 - Welcome to the new Tender Group website

In order to facilitate and speed up the browsing process on the Tender group of companies' website, we decided to reshape it through a modern design that will redirect and offer you all the information you need so as to access the companies which are a part of the Tender group.

The new structure of the website is designed to simplify the search of a company according to the field of activity and can redirect you, if necessary, towards the websites of the companies you are interested in to find out more about them.

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>> 2014.11.04 - Top 100 most admired CEO's

Date: 04.11.2014
Publication: Business Magazin - Top 100 cei mai admirati CEO
Page: 113

Ovidiu Tender (58 years old) controls the group of companies that carries his name and activates in the energy field, carrying operations in the oil and gas industry, geological prospection, road infrastructure, real estates, agriculture, tourism and aviation. Tender Group holds the company called Prospectiuni, factories like Vulcan, Nuclearmontaj, ICSH and UPRUC, and four construction companies (SIRDT, Talc Dolomita, Econsa and Esparom), two real estate projects in Timisoara, and also investments in agriculture and education. In tourism, it holds a hotel in Greece, on the island of Aegina, and the Johann Strauss Hotel in Bucharest. Starting 2009, Ovidiu Tender's attention has been directed towards the African continent. In Senegal and Gabon, the businessman announced his intention to grow, on 130.000 hectares, jastropha, a shrub that can be used for producing fuel. Also, the businessman obtained concession for four mining field in the region, Binia, Bafoundou, Laminia and M'Bour South, with exploitation rights for a period of eight years. The exploitation stake is gold, coper, nickel, platinum, titanium, zirconium, iron and other ores.

>> 2014.11.04 - The Prospectiuni employees saved the life of a road accident victim

October 10th was an inauspicious day for the drivers of two cars that collided violently on the E85 road towards Bucharest. The driver of one of the vehicles was propelled through the windshield, landing on the driveway on his left side of the body, with serious head injuries.

According to the allegations of the policemen, the person was not wearing the seatbelt, which this time, proved to be fortunate because, following the collision, the vehicles' twisted engine landed on the front seats. For several hours, the traffic was unfolding with difficulty , at low speed, an dozens of the parish's locals quickly gathered on the side of the road, without anybody approaching the victim who was on the double continuous line. The only ones who offered to help the injured person were the employees of the research company Prospecțiuni, who, through techniques they were not aware they possessed, saved the victim's life. You can discover their impressive story below, directly from the source:

"The accident took place at approximately 100 m from our vehicle. Therefore, when we reached the crash scene, we got out of the car and we went to the victim. He was lying in a pool of blood that was dribbling from his crashed skull. From his hand the blood was strongly spouting due to a cut. His legs weren't moving at all... I immediately took my shirt off, folded it, and pressed it against his head injury. After a while, the compression was showing results and the bleeding almost stopped. The same happened to the hand, after I firmly pressed over the cut. I assessed the victim's condition, but this was aggravated by the fact that he was agonizing because of the pain, his eyes were moving in all directions, he was rolling his eyes, etc. The breathing seemed normal. I pinched the face and skin of the victim, I shouted many times at him, and at one point he started to communicate with us. He did not understand what happened, what we were doing to him, why he was lying on the ground and there was blood everywhere...

My colleague Octavian Branescu was lying in front of the victim and spoke very calm in the next 10 minutes, finding out what was his name, where he was from, about his family, trying to motivate him to resist the pains he accused.

I was placed behind the victim, so was Ovidiu Sanda. After stopping the massive bleeding, I slightly touched the victim's body, discovering that the left side of his ribs was in great pain, the side he landed on in the moment of the impact, as well as the lower back and basin. We were afraid to move him on his back, as the victim asked, although this could have helped relieve the pressure on the left side, where the victim accused pain in the ribs and heart.... We chose to maintain the victim in the same position.

Some time has passed until an ambulance arrived with a doctor and appropriate equipment. We gave them all the information we had, they mounted a neck collar, electrodes to monitor the vital signs, we placed the victim on a air-cushion gurney, provided with webbing, and we lifted it in the ambulance, continuously observing the doctor's directions. Neither I, nor my two colleagues have participated in a first aid course."

The company's representatives declared that the three employees showed compassion and courage, aspects that Prospecțiuni tries to inspire to all the people who maintain a relationship with the locals in the areas where the company's projects are unfolding.

"Is important for us that each employee understands, that first of all, we have to be good human beings and not remain indifferent to the problems of the locals who we meet during our activity. We applaud the exemplary behaviour that these employees showed and we pride ourselves that these kinds of people are a part of our team. We try to promote compassion, excellence and spirit of responsiveness in these type of cases, when each move has a direct impact on the final outcome.", declared Marius Milea, Chief Operations Officer within Prospecțiuni. The victim is now out of danger.

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